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Vejle municipality supervises Bøllen every other year.
See the report in the attachment.

Report from Daycare’s inspection visit

Educational sports

In Skov- & Idrætsinstitutionen Bøllen, staff and management find inspiration and sparring in the country’s other certified sports institutions, just as annual conferences and management meetings help to maintain a high level of professionalism with a focus on the latest research etc. inside the area.

Excerpt from Hvorfor Happelappeland:

“Associate professor at the Department of Sports, Karsten Froberg has conducted a study of children’s risk of cardiovascular disease, which also includes children’s poor physical shape. This study supports the above and shows that, about 50% of boys and about 30% of girls is in poor physical shape at the start of school.This poor physical condition manifests itself in children who have difficulty cycling, have difficulty tying shoes and can neither hold a pencil nor a ball.The conclusion is that children with poor physical shape give children with poor motor skills, which equates to poor concentration and learning ability.”

Sport goes hand in hand with pedagogy
Happelappeland – inspiration and useful knowledge about children’s development

Pedagogical curriculum: 0-2 years


Pedagogical curriculum 0-6 years:

The strengthened pedagogical curriculum 2020

If you want to know more about children’s development

We have compiled a number of documents that describe your child’s development.

The authors behind the articles include:

  • Ann Elisabeth Knudsen, brain researcher
  • VIA University College
  • Servicestyrelsen